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Re: Satisfying Cancelled Show Endings

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I just finished Eureka yesterday morning, and yea, it ended well. But did it get warning it was the end before Season started, or did they have to scramble to tie up something, they initially planned on stretching out?
After the cancellation was announced, they were actually given an extra episode so they could put a finale on the series. And since there was such a huge amount of lag time between the production on the final season and its airdate, they had time to figure out how they wanted to do it. They probably crammed the plans they'd had in mind for a final season into that one extra hour, but they did get to resolve things pretty much the way they wanted.

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Farscape before The Peacekeeper Wars. In Retrospect, how they ended Bad Timing was classic Farscape. At the time, Jon and Aeryn were a fantastic couple, but the universe just didn't allow them to be happy.
Yeah, I would've been satisfied with "Bad Timing"'s ending even without TPW. A conventional happy ending just wouldn't have seemed daring and subversive enough for Farscape. It was fitting that they'd wrap it up with something weird and outrageous and reassure us that the cast would continue to have insane and dangerous adventures even after the end of the series.
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