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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

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Yeah I was doing Farscape after a frequently intensive Stargate watch which is 10 seasons.. and I also had other things going on IRL that I just wanted some lighter fare for a while so I ended up watching comedies which hasn't happened in years. Did all of Parks and Rec, like eating a bag of sweets, I am now ready to hit the starships again.

Though I've just started Continuum (on ep 6) which is FANTASTIC. I'd had a go at Fringe which drove me nuts, really couldn't choke the formulaic stuff down and wanted to strangle the old guy by episode 5. JUST SHUT UP! STOP TALKING!! ENOUGH WITH THE ASPERGERY CHARM!!

Continuum is all arcs and time travel and wonderful Stargate actors and it's great. So I'm currently doing Continuum, hoping to get back to Farscape and interrupting it all once the SG:U rewatch thread is started by Sindatur. There's my tv viewing report for y'all.

Oh and Enterprise is lovely
My dad keeps telling me to watch Continuum, he raves about it. I'll probably watch it once I am completely 100% done watching all Trek lol.
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