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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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I just came back from watching the Man of steel, and I must said I was disappointed.

The story was boring, it went too slow and the CGI looked fake. The action scenes were quite boring as fell. An explosion here, another explosion there, punch punch, bodies flying through walls, rinse and repeat. A real snooze fest.

Disliked how Jonathan Kent died. Really, send Clark with the girl and the dad gets the dog? It was too convenient how Zod requested Lois to tag along, and then throw here in a cell where she could connect the USB-thingy.

The new Spiderman reboot was way better than this movie. Spiderman actually entertained. This movie felt more like the last Spiderman before the reboots, with Venom and emo Parker.

I didn't mind that Lois used here skills to find Supermans identity, that was good, but thought the whole movie could have been better.

I doubt I'll ever watch this movie again
Doesn't matter. Made half a billion!
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