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Re: Tuvok is an Idiot

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What is with the Asian thing??? Did the OP write something disparaging about Asian culture in another thread or something?!?

In terms of Tuvok, he most certainly is not an idiot and is one of my favorite Vulcan characters. Vulcans are my favorite Trek species to watch period and I think Tuvok was definitely "Vulcan" enough.

This thread title is pretty offensive too. Idiot is a strong word.
In his OP he compared Tuvok's idiocy to all Asians pretty much, though he had the good grace to edit that out.
Ok....I don't think I want to know what was written...but glad it was edited out. Sheesh.

Nearly all of my friends are Korean so ill slap anyone who is hating on Asians!

Also its just a matter of fact that Tuvok is no dumbass. Ok...he let Kes play with fire once but it wasn't his fault that she turned into some kind of telepathic superman. He didn't know she was getting THAT strong to the point where she was tearing up the ship.
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