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Re: Marines and Combat Personel?

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do any ships carry about marines for docking engagements?
No. Primarily because Starfleet doesn't operate in the ocean.
Uhura: "Commander Reliant, this is Enterprise, surrender and prepare to be boarded.

Strictly speaking, Starfleet doesn't operate a standing military organization
Starfleet is the uniformed armed forces of the Federation. When there is a time of war, Starfleet doesn't step to the side. It stops exploring and fights. They drop their secondary job and concentrate on their primary duty.

Starfleet doesn't, primarily by virtue of it not being a land force and not having any real need for land vehicles.
Actually, in quite a few episodes some kind of ground level wheeled/hover vehicle would have been handy. Something in between a shuttle and simply walking. Creating a believable "future jeep" for the TV show just wasn't going to happen.

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Starfleet's always changing its focus because the Federation Government is switching gears every time a new administration pops in.
That's a really good point, on a number of levels. Different governments having different priorities
This is basically my explanation for the variations we see in the application of the Prime Directive in different episodes.

Every few weeks, a Starfleet Captain will receive the latest interpretations, amendments, and court decisions concerning the PD.

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