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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

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I don't think Into Darkness is a total remake of TWOK but it does take some lines verbatim from the film-perhaps as an homage-and it does its own version of the engineering chamber death scene-as well as the infamous Khan yell. I felt all of those things felt like pale imitations that were largely unearned.
But that's far from a remake. Those are a few moments stuck into a story that, overall, is completely unlike that of TWOK. And I think it was a mistake to include them, partly because they preoccupy people's attention discommensurately to their actual importance in the story.

I didn't mind Kirk and Khan not meeting in TWOK. It actually made the movie stand out and it seems quaint now in this age of mega confrontations and beat downs. I think the structure of TWOK made the characters focus more on their wits and made the final starship battle tense and exciting in a way that Kirk facing down against Kruge or Soran were not. Not having the two face off was also a good thing for Kirk because as we saw in ID and in the Enterprise Augment arc an aging Kirk probably wouldn't have stood much of a chance against a Khan hellbent on killing him.
I don't care about who would win in a fight. Part of the reason we watch movies and TV shows is to watch actors perform. And when actors perform together, when they're exchanging dialogue face to face and can play off and reinforce one another's energy, it can be a lot more interesting to watch than two entirely separate performances filmed weeks apart and cut together by the editor. I would've liked to see Shatner and Montalban play a scene together, to see the chemistry between two talented actors.
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