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Re: Having a baby on Voyager?

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Of course they were excited! They were having a child! Goodness! The only reason I can see why you asked this is to start an argument.
I think it's a valid question. I know it pains me sometimes to see characters pregnant under potentially awful circumstances. It adds a whole new level of stress to being under constant danger. The thing with Voyager is it's an upbeat show, the constant danger isn't stressed. But we do know it's there.

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I find it weird on a ship lost for seven years, thousands of light-years away from home, with no real chance of ever making it back, that only two babies were ever born on board. They should have implemented a breeding programme after their first year, readying the ship to be crewed 20/30 years down the road.
They discussed it as a possibility they might have to look at. This is the futurez where people are living a lot longer and able to breed a lot later. Their timeframe for "let's get cracking then.." is longer than ours would be.

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