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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

I became interested in Star Trek back in my native Japan when I was young, watching it in the original Japanese, of course. My father moved our family moved to America when I was 14 and I got over my culture shock by bonding with my new friends over Trek.

I was the typical overachieving Asian chick that some people hated, mainly because I found American high school easier than where I came from outside the Americanized English language barriers early on.

Also, my mother died when I was 16, so I sort of threw myself into other activities, both during and after school, plus I had to take care of the house and my father like a traditional Japanese girl should. The activities helped me make friends and acclimate faster, I think, but looking back, the extra responsibilities at home made me grow up too fast and miss a lot of the joys of just being young. I never had a serious relationship until I was in college, I was too busy.

I went to THE Ohio State University after graduation and got a Bachelors in Finance, then went on to get an MBA from Harvard. I started working at the company my father (and grandfather) worked for, but being a woman at a Japanese company led nowhere (despite my prominent family name at the company). To the dismay of the family, I left (both my adopted city and the company) and joined an American company, where I shot up to the executive ranks based on merit as it should be. Along the way, I married a nice white guy who I have loved to pieces for 11 years now.

After taking a leave of absence to care for my dying grandfather (my last immediate family relative) last year, I was lured back into the corporate world where I am running an international division of a company and posting from work when I get bored, like today. So my postings come and go now days.

I have followed every Trek series since the original, also a fan of the Stargates and Doctor Who. I have always been fascinated by computers, science and space and never shy away from the political discussions, to the dismay of many in The Think Tank.
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