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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

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April was the first captain of the Constitution-class Enterprise, NCC-1701. The establishment of the NX-01 doesn't change that, and April was included in the Okuda chronology despite being established in TAS.

Also, the Okuda chronology put TOS in production order, not broadcast.
What is this "Okuda chronology"?

And excuse me, but some of us aren't up on all the different makes and models and classes of starships. I'm not up on that kind of stuff for RL terrestrial cars and trucks, and tend not to notice much of this stuff in ST. All I know is that some starships are bigger than others.
I was responding to something said by another poster when referring to the Chronology.

The NX-01 and NCC-1701 are two different ships that served a century apart. The NX-01 doesn't violate the idea of April as the first captain of the 1701 any more than the ringship on the rec room wall in TMP.
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