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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

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Okay I'm back, finished Orphan Black and will try not to get distracted from Destiny and its cling-ons.

Divided Part 2: I enjoyed this pathetic little coup with Rush having seemingly blabbed about Young leaving him on the planet after agreeing not to . I enjoyed how he used Wray to get Young out of the way so he didn't have to worry about being airlocked once he knew about the transmitter.

The surgery, like every surgery on this ship, bothered me because NO ONE is wearing masks. Just cut up some of the miles of bed linen on Destiny and sterilize it, geez.

And now I'm looking forward to what happens with Chloe and Scott now that she's sided with the civilians while sleeping with the guns.

Rush was a snake for going back on his deal and blabbing, but, I almost think Canille is worse. She already attempted a Coup with the whole suicide situation, using the apparent murder to the fullest to her advantage. Then she screwed it up with incompetence, and Young and the Military had to come to the Ship's rescue and she gave command back with her tail between her legs. She knew Young pulled something, since Rush came back alive after Young claimed he was dead, and then she used confirmation of what she already basically knew to stage another coup, that she once again failed at.

And, yea, the surgerry conditions, LOL, no wonder TJ is only a nurse.

Good episode, but Camille trying to take command is becoming slapstick, tme to move on to another drama or another direction for it. Yes, Young is icompetent and often shows himself to be unstable, but with his staff, they pretty much cover his shortcomings, better than any of the other options on the ship
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