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Re: What's your opinion of Gul Dukat?

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Very good points. But it's really human nature to put labels and otherwise demean people who think differently than they do. If there's something fundamentally wrong with that person, even if it's just in your head, you don't have to confront why they think differently or are as they are.
Yeah, part of why I dislike the "bad people=sociopath" is it ignores that society has a lot of built-in methods of control for ensuing non-sociopaths can do evil ****. The whole process of "othering" is designed, at a fundamental level to create a situation where good men can ignore the horrors done to other (or suffering thereof).

Until we confront that, we'll never have a UFP in RL.

I actually liked the use of showing non-sociopaths=evil with Gul Mandred in "Chains of Command." He's this guy who Picard interacts with and a professional torturer. However, as much as he gets under Picard's skin, we get to see under his as well. He's got a family he loves, he's motivated by the fact he used to be a street urchin, and there's this ITTY BITTY part of him which knows his daughter is going to grow up in Space Nazi Germany--and it terrifies him. That's sort of the Cardassians thing, really, showing how multifaceted people can do horrible things even though they should know better.

Re: Kira's Mom

My problem with the issue of the whole "Comfort Women" story is more "Small Universe" than anything else. I.e. that Kira's mom, of all people, would end up with Gul Dukat as opposed to Random Cardassian Soldier 718#. Also, the fact Star Trek is a fundamentally PG franchise means there's no way in hell they could actually show what exactly the analogs to these women really underwent.

Admittedly, what they went on screen is still a form of sexual slavery. I'm actually a little unnerved at how many Star Trek fans seem to think what happened with them was a form of collaboration or anything less than repeated rape.
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