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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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In depth would be nice, but what I'm talking about is laying groundwork. Cersei hasn't been fucking around, so that plot is going to have to start next season too and somehow make sense with Jaime already home,
She's been fucking Lancel since season one. That alone should be enough for Jaime.
Yes, but it hasn't been a recent thing, and now that Jaime is back she won't have any use for him. I can't see her picking up a plethora of lovers with him around and that is kind of a key issue in her plot. Jaime's reaction to it is almost irrelevant next to the importance of her thinking she has turned herself into a master of intrigue through the use of her vagina. Bringing him back early also is going to mean having to invent stuff for him to do for the first two-thirds of the season.
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Lancel hasn't been around since the first season so he gets thrown out.
He appeared 3-4 times in season 2.
My mistake, I barely remember him. I find it very unlikely that Cersei would have any interest in the TV version of Lancel, since his appeal is supposed to be in looking like a young Jaime and the timid little fella they cast bears no resemblance. I also can't see him replacing the Kettleblacks in the plot.
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Looks about right. Sad that Oberyn will be a one-season wonder though. Probably only see him in 3 or 4 episodes and his death won't have nearly the impact as if he were around this season.
Oberyn doesn't really do much until The Duel so it isn't a big deal. I just hope they do the fight justice. The most intense chapter in the entire series. I nearly had a panic attack reading it, I was so damn excited .
I understand he isn't a major plot factor early on, but his presence gives his character credibility rather than appearing and dying within the span of a handful of episodes. He is going to have to hit the ground running to build up any sort of impact from his death.
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This is why wasting screen time on torture scenes and invented subplots is so frustrating.
I really like the show but I agree the invented subplots are infuriating. It wasn't really a problem in Season 1, hell the added Littlefinger and Varys scenes were fucking awesome. Come Season 2 and 3 though, we have seemingly endless invented scenes in King's Landing.

I'm rewatching the show now and the showrunners have a serious boner for Margaery Tyrell. An incredibly minor character in Books 2 and 3, yet is given an abundance of new scenes for the show which add absolutely fucking nothing and go over the same material. Worse, it's at the expense of important stuff that could be done with Stannis, Jon and Arya's plots, which always suffer from being rushed. We saw Maester Cressen, one of the most tragic characters in all of ASOIAF, be demoted in to to being a faceless extra... in favour of excruciating padding regarding the fucking Tyrells.

At this point it's clear to me the showrunners only really care about King's Landing. All the plots outside of it get fucked with and have scenes trimmed all the time, while King's Landing always gets added scenes.

The show cut Arya and Jon warging in to their wolves, yet gave us Pod being the master of fucking whores, and dead-end subplots with Ros. A character that isn't even in A Song of Ice and Fire.
Rant over, before I head on to how much they've raped the character of Mance Rayder.
Agreed on all counts. Jon's warging isn't only important to the character but possibly also a key to his plot if it is how he avoids the imminent death we saw in ADWD.
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