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Re: Satisfying Cancelled Show Endings

Caprica, SGU, Dollhouse, Farscape and Sanctuary all had satisfying endings.

It was a bummer that Caprica S2+ was summed up in the Epilogue, but, it was very satisfying as far as knowing where it went,

SGU, another bummer that ended, but, it was a poetic end that was open-ended yet satisfying.

Sanctuary could easily have gone on longer, but, it ended on a Chapter end that wrapped up what had come before.

Dollhouse, S2 could easily have been streched into a 3rd Season, and it might've been even better had some stuff not been so rushed, but, it was great Nonetheless.

Farscape was one of the most painful and rude cliffhangers ever when they cancelled it end of S4, thank Goodness they finally did Peacekeeper Wars to tie it up (though a full 5th Season would've been better than the 4 ep Mini Series)
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