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USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

That's right, I'm back to take another shot at finishing this beast once and for all. Since I am effectively starting over from scratch, I decided to kick off a whole new thread rather than continue with the old one. Besides which, the old thread seems to have disappeared anyway.

So, without further ado, here's what the new primary hull looks like.

Obviously the modeling work is still in its early stages. There are lots of details yet to be filled in, corners to round off, etc. As usual, the underside is still a blank slate, which is why I haven't shown it here, and I literally haven't even started on the rest of the ship yet, at least not in 3D.

You'll note that while this design definitely has some new features, most of the distinctive lines from the first major redesign are still there. I'm talking about the version I first worked up on paper a couple of years ago and modeled pretty thoroughly before deciding to go in a different direction. Well, I've come full circle and decided to go back to a lot of what worked so well in the first place.

A few quick comments about the new/old design:

- Go ahead, ask me what the air intake type thing on the front of the bridge module is. I really have no idea. I just stuck it there to break up that curve a little bit. I suppose it might be a Defiant style deflector grid for use in saucer separation mode, especially since I have eliminated the auxiliary deflector from the previous design. That's just one possibility, though.

- The bridge module itself is new. I just figured, why the heck am I using a Sovereign bridge module when I could do something original that would fit better with the rest of the ship? If you're observant, though, you may notice that I did keep the old bridge dome. And SeanR, if you're still out there and thinking about modeling the bridge for this baby, looks like I've got a new shell for you to fit it in.

- If you're really observant, you may notice that the core of the impulse engines is borrowed directly from my UES Vanguard model. I'll probably do something all new with them before I'm done, but for now they add a touch of completeness.

I guess that's all for now. Comments and crits are welcome as always.
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