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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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Picard and Kirk had the same thing happen to them, they handled it okay.
Not for a protracted period of time.
So they got home sooner. That there was precedent for this sort of stuff shows that this shouldn't have affected morale much, at least not for a few years.

It should have had supply problems, been upgrading itself with alien tec. The whole ship should have looked different than when it started.
Moya from Farscape was in a similar situation, and that ship never needed upgrades and all that stuff. And it was a living ship, yet we never saw the crew have to "feed" it to keep it going.

In BSG they had the ship literally falling apart by the end.
The Galactica was already a retired vessel that wasn't in good shape to begin with.

And anyways, it had similar problems to Voyager in that they only ever had ONE weapons restock the entire series and yet that lasted them the whole series.

Seeing as they did not have federation outposts and starbases to have maintince they should have had the same problem! Even the Ent D had to go in for maintince every few years.
That's the problem, they wrote something into the premise of the show (no support) that they didn't really think out. The ship really wouldn't have survived without any support but they'd have to violate the premise to do anything, which meant they were screwed no matter WHAT they did.

If they wanted to be TNG: 2.0 then why bother with delta quadrant setting? They could of just been on a long range deep space mission in the Alpha quadrant!
I agree, but for different reasons. They should've had more DQ aliens in the crew to give us connection to the DQ and flesh out the area more instead of running away from everything.

In Farscape, most of the cast were from the area of space the show was set in so there was plenty of connection. VOY had none of that and thus wasted the DQ setting by having no connection to it.
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