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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

Do you have a link for the games? I'd be interested in checking that out. Of course, with my luck it might not be available to Canadians...

The BBC Who website offers the games free on this page:

not sure if they are available overseas, if not these people offer them as a bundle though they charge.

There are other sites you can get the games free I am told....

I never noticed a dead crewmember showing up later in Turnabout Intruder! Mind you, I did notice Kirk making a new doorway for himself when he left the briefing room. I don't understand your reference to Assignment: Earth, though. What am I missing?
Actually meant "The Omega Glory" not Assignment Earth, in which poor Lt Galloway is killed by Ron Tracy. He shows up in Turnabout intruder.
( Lt Leslie also came back from the dead, following having his blood drained in Obsession, but at least he was not vaporized - often wondered whether he had a craving for the blood of the living afterwards though....)

Robert April clashes with Enterprise because Robert April was the first Captain of the Enterprise. Not some twit named Jonathan Archer. If they'd used April and Sarah Poole in the Enterprise series (with or without the dog; I liked Porthos), I wouldn't have complained half as much. I'd still have complained about the stupid stories, but not about who the Captain was.
In fairness April was the first captain of USS Enterprise NCC-1701, with the NX 01 simply being a different ship. in terms of continuity Sarah April being said to be the first CMO on a warp capable ship is probably a bigger glitch ( and contradicted by earlier TAS episodes by for example the presence of the Bonaventure).
Again this harkens to the difference between canon and continuity - maybe after seeing years of UNIT dating debates, I'm just more jaded....
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