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Re: John Bynre photocomics

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Anyone vaguely interested in this should read that thread; the work Byrne does to turn television into good comics is quite interesting, and I'm much more interested in this project than when I started this thread!
Me too. Seeing more of his samples, I'm interested by his use of comic-book composition and conventions to spice up the screencaps -- like in his "Corbomite Maneuver" test pages, having the image of Spock on the sickbay monitor being in a "balloon" with its tail pointing to the monitor, yet with Spock's dialogue in balloons coming out of the inset image. I also liked that page where you had Kirk in the turbolift on the left, Spock on the bridge in the middle, and stacked back-and-forth dialogue balloons in the middle -- a nice graphic portrayal of the conversation between two locations. I'm seeing that even with recycled images, one can appreciate the artistry and skill of Byrne's compositions.

It's also interesting to see how he's approaching plotting via something akin to the Marvel method: first constructing a sequence of images, then devising the story and dialogue based on that sequence. (Although the Marvel method is plot first, then images, then dialogue, usually.)

What's impressive is that it only took a week to get from "the fantasy ... of IDW asking me to do [this]" (June 18) to "The STAR TREK Powers That Be have approved this for publication!" (June 25). The wheels don't generally turn that fast. I guess they must've been really eager for a new Byrne project.

Anyway, I'm a bit jealous, since I've also long imagined doing a "Gary Mitchell returns" story -- in fact, I outlined one as a pitch to IDW a few years ago, though the opportunity to present it to them never materialized. (We have seen at least one such story before -- in the [i]Star Trek/X-Men crossover from Marvel!)
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