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Re: Did Klingon culture become too stereotyped by the end of DS9?

I didn't read every post in this thread and maybe some already said something similar but I don't think the Into Darkness Klingons are all that different from the TNG-ENT take on Klingons.

For one, there is very little in their scene to suggest much of a difference besides the face masks and heavy coats and we don't know why they are wearing those. Two, if I recall correctly, Uhura tries to appeal to the Klingon leader's sense of honor, which is something in keeping with the Klingons on TNG forward.

I do think the idea of having more variation in the depiction of alien cultures is necessary and a good thing and something Trek should be doing. But to be fair to Trek, there has been some instances where the Klingons' bellicose sense of honor has been lamented (Judgment) questioned (various TNG/DS9 episodes), or subverted (Tacking Into the Wind). I have no problem seeing more development of their culture though, particularly the average Klingons who aren't part of big Houses or on warships.
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