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Re: Why can't Ro wear her Bajoran earring?

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Dress code, past history, and she was displaying a crapload of attitude in that episode from the moment she went aboard.
She was aboard for all of five seconds, and Riker was already in a mood before she materialized, but I can see from her demeanor how she was giving off as much attitude as Riker.

We know from VOY: Learning Curve that Bajoran earrings actually aren't technically allowed, but obviously the ship's command staff has a lot of latitude about such things, which seems sensible.

Riker was being a dick and he had attitude before she was even on the ship, but given that, I can't really fault him for doing what he did -- it's XO prerogative at that point, and it's reasonable that he wants to make clear to Ro that she will be held to the highest standards. She was in the stockade for disobeying orders, people died, and I think it's acceptable for Riker to set some ground rules right off the top, at least until Picard says otherwise.

Sometimes being a dick is the first officer's job, and even Picard says Riker's the finest
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