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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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The first time I thought their was way too much action but the second time I felt it all fit. Zak Snyder is one to push the limits of visual effects in all his movies. I think the first time it was all too much "In your face" action. Going in a second time and knowing what to expect made it easier to digest.
Yeah, after sitting through the incredibly tedious and mindnumbing action of the Pirates and Transformers sequels, I thought the action here flew by relatively quick.

It's definitely fast and intense and "in your face", but the actual length didn't seem that bad to me at all.

And I also thought there was also enough variety in the action too. The only one that threatened to become a bit "monotonous" was the final one between Superman and Zod, where it seems like they just take turns throwing each other through buildings for awhile. But even then you had that awesome sequence at the construction site with the steel girder, and the sequence with the satellite. So there was at least a little bit of variety there.
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