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The shot of the ground shaking under Clark didn't suggest levitation or anti-gravity to me at all.
An earthquake in response to his pressing into the ground, then, perhaps? I'll have to see the film again to be sure what I saw, but I thought it was shaking at first, suggesting power or that he's about to push off, but then I thought I saw pebbles floating, too.

If Clark can time travel by flying fast enough in a certain way, without mechanical aid, it's an innate power. It's not a "side effect of speed," because he can (could) fly FTL without time traveling. That would be the same as calling his super-breath (a pretty ridiculous power, granted) a "side effect of respiration."
Well, even if he can travel FTL in comics without going back in time, movie continuities are not obliged to grant him that power, correct? In Superman/Superman II (either cut), when did he go FTL, unless it was when he was turning back time?
Dunno, but previous movies are no more or less relevant to Clark's "innate powers" than old comic stories are.
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