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Help, which episodes and series?

Hey, new to this forum! well, when I was little I used to be stitched to our tv at evenings watching everything, one thing i found epic was a star trek serial back then. I didn't even understand what they were saying but I was terrified from times I was wondering if any of you could possibly recognise my description of a certain episode and series ? Okay, here we go

I remember this weird alien (bacterias??) or something, octopus like, not bigger than a mans head, and ther were brown and got down from the ceilling. No eyes, just a brown textured blob dropping down from the ceilling attaching themselves to people, and the crew coped with them by letting them like shake their hands x) I don't actually remember them killing anyone though (or I switched channels by then)... I'd really like to know which episode this is!!

Another one was a giant transparent (or white) space jelly fish entering through the airlock or something which swept around killing the crew. I think it hid in the cargobay or something, behind walls and stuff, it was quite large !

I think some kind of or multiple "klingon" guys was there from times to times aiding the crew (though I'm not sure if it was Worf, though as I said it been quite a while), but I really don't think it was neither "Enterprise" nor "The Original Series". As i can remember, the show really felt 80's or 90's :3

Thank you if you would be able to recognise and post which episodes or serials these are (and I might be in the completely wrong forum anyways)! I'd be greatful!!
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