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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

Anwar wrote: View Post
I don't see why. DS9 only killed off Dax and even then she didn't totally "die" since Ezri was brought in. And DS9's cast was in a position where it made sense for them to die more than VOY's crew.
I was glad when they killed off Jadzia Dax. I never liked the character, and the actress had such a snooty attitude toward her fellow cast members (how DARE they give storylines to the supporting characters!). And it seemed there was nothing Dax couldn't do. She knew it all, had done it all, had not one weakness or flaw. She was just so damn perfect!

And perfect characters are annoying.

DonIago wrote: View Post
It might have been interesting if there'd been more shake-up in the VOY cast, but it bugs me when people insist that the deaths must have some sort of meaning. I'm not against the concept in general terms, but the reality is Death doesn't work that way and I think there's a lot to be said for exploring the concept that sometimes it just happens and doesn't have a higher purpose.

One thing I liked about Lost is that, IMO, they did a good balance of the deaths that meant something versus ones that were random and pointless.

What was Voyager's casualty rate, anyway?
Remember how upset the Tasha Yar fans were at her first death? I know I was upset, since Tasha was my favorite TNG character.

There would have a hell of a fuss made if Spock hadn't died heroically in TWOK (not that they wanted him to die at all, just if he had to, let it be for a purpose).

Most of the times the Doctor has died/regenerated, it's because he's given his current life to save others, whether a Companion, or the entire Universe. Sure, TPTB could have had him need to regenerate after being run over by a bus in traffic, but where's the heroism in that?
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