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Re: Dark Territory: Staring Into The Abyss

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Starship Cuffe
Captain’s Ready Room

Glover had had to pry himself from the bridge, but he felt it best to take this call in private. Uneasily settling into the leather-chair behind his desk, Terrence activated his desktop computer. The blue and gold laurel symbol of the Federation gave way to the pinched expression of Admiral Salk.

The captain couldn’t fault the Vulcan admiral’s surliness. “Captain Glover,” the admiral began without preamble, “I find it highly unusual that you directed shuttles to Helophis instead of the Cuffe.”

Terrence shifted uncomfortably in his seat. This was the first time he had been on the hot seat as a commanding officer. “Well sir,” he began.

“Helophis is hosting both Cardassian and Federation delegates,” Salk interrupted. “Their wellbeing is paramount.”

Glover shifted his jaw, his pique starting to rise. “Finding out if the Borg are preparing another invasion seems of greater importance.”

“Did you glean that conclusion from your extensive Starfleet and diplomatic experience?” The admiral upbraided.

“One could also say that Commander Sisko, being considered a religious figure to the Bajorans, is equally if not more so important,” Terrence pressed undeterred.

“I am not surprised that one who was the commander’s former Academy roommate would reach that conclusion,” Salk chided.

“The peace talks could officially end the Federation-Cardassian War and make this sector more secure for all its inhabitants, Bajorans included,” the Vulcan added.

“Would you like me to turn around sir?” Glover asked pointedly.

“No,” Salk shook his head. “That would be a waste of resources. You are correct that determining the extent of the Borg threat in this sector is critical.” The man paused, his expression losing some of its rigidity. “And I do understand Commander Sisko’s value not only as a religious figure but as a capable Starfleet officer. It would be unfortunate if he were lost.”

“I concur sir,” Glover nodded.

“Unfortunately Starfleet will not be able to provide any assistance. One starship has been dispatched to Helophis, and the Cardassians have also sent vessels.”

“I understand,” the captain said. Helophis was a Cardassian colony. The diplomats had made a point to have their sessions on both Federation and Cardassian worlds.

“And while I comprehend your emotional attachment to Commander Sisko and your desire to rescue him, learning the extent of the Borg threat is your primary mission. If either of these things come into conflict gauging the threat posed by the Borg comes first. Is that clear Captain?”

“Yes sir,” Terrence said through nearly clenched teeth.
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