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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Yeah, that always bugged me too. I can't be sure but it would appear that they didn't have the rights to recordings of the actual movie dialogue so they had voice actors replicate the lines from the film, and quite often they didn't even sound similar.

I think the Battle Droid chips might have been the only ones that sounded just like the dialogue from the film, and even they weren't a perfect match. I suppose for 1999 it was a nice enough gimmick, but the technology was clunky and having to buy the separate reader device to even listen to the chips was weak. Today they'd just incorporate a battery-powered base or something with a small button that would speak the lines right there inside the package, as they've actually done with some figures in recent years.

I will say that the redesigned chip looked a lot better than the one that was actually sold in stores, but aside from that it probably wouldn't have been any more impressive in performance.
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