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Desert Island Trek

The Trekmate podcast Ten Forward has a really neat recurring feature called Desert Island Trek. I thought it would be fun to borrow it for a thread here.

Basically you are allowed five episodes from any of the series to have with you to watch on a desert island. I'm not sure if they allow the movies but for this version I'm going to.

Also there is a "gimme" list that are episodes that are generally so universally acclaimed that everyone is likely to want them.

The gimme's are...

TOS The City On The Edge Of Forever
TOS The Trouble With Tribbles
TAS Yesteryear
TNG Yesterday’s Enterprise
TNG The Best Of Both Worlds
DS9 Trials And Tribble-ations
DS9 The Visitor
Voyager Message In A Bottle
Voyager Scorpion
Enterprise E2
Enterprise In A Mirror Darkly

So now I'm curious to hear people's five non gimme choices. Obviously you are free to just post a list and run but what I'd really love is if people will talk about why they've chosen what they've chosen.
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