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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

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And if you want some real uptight arguments about what constitutes canon, look to Doctor Who fans.....
The only serious canon issues I have with Doctor Who is the utter stupidity of saying the Doctor is half-human, and they haven't been able to cast a decent Master since Anthony Ainley (although I read something about Derek Jacobi playing one of the Master's incarnations? Haven't seen the last 2 seasons of Who, so not sure about that).

Actually it does annoy me when Who fans say something is canon because it said so in one of the specials shown in the UK and nowhere else, or that it was one of the audio adventures that are hard to come by (especially at a decent price) here in Canada.

Therefore, any canon I'm familiar with says Romana stayed in E-Space, and had nothing to do with the war that destroyed Gallifrey...

Are there other "uptight" canon arguments among Whovians?
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