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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

I'm not pleased that they ignored the behind-the-scenes conflicts that are a key part of Colin Baker's story -- the way the series was put "on hiatus" for a year and then Baker was fired, so that he had the shortest tenure of any Doctor to date. They also paid surprisingly little attention to the "Trial of a Time Lord" saga; they mentioned stuff that happened during it, but barely addressed the story arc itself, and offered no discussion of the Valeyard. No mention of the return of the Second Doctor either. Instead they spent a lot of time on more superficial subjects. We didn't need such a long segment about the Doctor's attempt to fix the chameleon circuit or about Mel trying to get the Doctor in shape. Maybe discussion of Mel should've been saved for the Seventh Doctor special since she spent more time with him. Really, the selection of what to focus on in this special was bizarrely poor.
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