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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

Here's where things stand. I'm nearly at the same point I was before I started over again. The changes I made are subtle but noticeable overall. I wanted to soften some of the hard edges of this design, namely the roof and underbody edges which I think look better rounded off. They were rounded off before, but I thought they would look better by doubling the radius of those edges. I'm still not crazy about this design as an aquatic vehicle, but at least I can make what I felt were small concessions to something that looks even a bit more credible.

Eventually I'll get to the interior where I'm thing of doing something similar to what I did with the lander. I think I'll certainly use that chair design again.

On a side note I must admit there are a few other TAS designs I might tack a crack at sometime to try to adapt them into something we might have seen on TOS. We have to remember that if building a miniature from scratch the TOS guys could do some pretty elaborate things: the Enterprise, the Klingon battle cruiser, the Romulan warbird, Kara's ship (from "Spock's Brain") and the Galileo (especially the full-size mockup which was a lot more elaborate in detail than some might think). The TOS crew weren't lacking in imagination, but rather in time and money.
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