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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

As I recall, Nolan et al. ditched super-speed, probably because visually this has to be done in one of two ways. Either the rest of the screen freezes, which contradicts Snyder's kinetic style, or something invisible blows by, which takes the hero out of the picture entirely.

I thought the fight scenes went on too long because I got bored. It takes about one to understand that they are equally invulnerable to their environment. The only way that they can hurt each other is by Kryptonian flesh, which is so much tougher than anything in the landscape. The question then is why these people don't just duke it out? Because Nolan et al. enjoyed landscape demolition in its own right, obviously. I didn't so much, so the fights got a little draggy.

Part of the problem with the annihilation of Metropolis is bad direction/scene plotting. Sometimes it seems as though the entire city is destroyed, others a "just" a few blocks. Since so much of the destruction comes from a pointless attempt to use buildings to hurt Kryptonians, it easily seems like indifference. And on another level, Superman being so powerless undermines the whole point of the Superman figure, a daydream of invincibility.

But for my part the most stunning depowering of Superman for allegedly dramatic purposes was Superman gasping on the deck of the ship. The opposite effect, Kryptonians having trouble in Earth's atmosphere, was clumsily handled. Did we really see Superman removing masks as a tactic? The results seemed decidedly variable.
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