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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

Faith: This was interesting. 15 weeks since they left Icarus, it seems a little early to be wanting to give up all chance of stargate travel and settle on another planet. Perhaps the terrible food, leadership conflicts and alien attacks have worn everyone down more that we get to see. Yes the planet feels "safer" right up until the obelisk starts beaming light into space.. that I don't get at all. I would not want to stay there with that unknown. Eleven people? Not enough, and now there are how many left on the planet, 7 or so? This doesn't seem that viable. I find it weird that Chloe wants to stay.

I don't think they all shared that one fellow's belief in benevolent super aliens coming to save them. It does seem to be portrayed as thought they get converted by the planet in some way.

I'm enjoying Brody a lot, he and Park and Volker are a pleasure to listen to.


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