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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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-captain jean-luc f***ing picard said himself starfleet was NOT military, pretty sure he knows what he is talking about, the idea he was sharing his opinion is pure rubbish. Go join the army and start walking around telling everyone "THE ARMY IS NOT A MILITARY!!"
Yes, that would be silly, wouldn't it ? Saying that a military organisation isn't one ?

-whole ship is designed for science and diplomacy
And is blistering with weapons.

-court martial thing, well we're five years out from earth, i guess subspace mail the police a report (not)... i think it just makes sense for any organization flying around in deep space to have their own legal system
Do you know what "martial" means ?

my personal opinion is starfleet is like a massive space faring version of the NOAA Corps
My opinion is that Starfleet is a multidisciplinary organisation, which includes military duties, and that there is no other such organisation in the Federation, ergo they are the military arm of the UFP.

but in its normal times starfleet is not a military
By that logic, the US army is not the military in peace time either.
And that's my opinion.
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