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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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spock was never weird, homosexual, or not normal.
Being "not normal" is a major character component of Spock. He will always be a child of two worlds. He was tormented growing up because he was not a "normal" Vulcan. He's not human either, though he finds it easier to be on a human dominant ship, no doubt because he can be seen as truly Vulcan by them, something denied him at home. Yes that can all be called "weird" if a person is so inclined.

Spock being "not normal" and an outsider struggling to fit in is THE most compelling personality trait of the character, this is what enamored so many TOS fans with Spock and Star Trek. What is now generations of people who feel like outsiders have looked at Spock and seen a story they can relate to.

For the less nerdy audience it's still a familiar tale, akin to Peter Parker getting knocked about in high school and struggling to talk to girls.
I agree. I also think that, actually, having him in a romantic relationship further shows that he's not "normal"
the interesting thing is precisely the fact that he will never be a "normal" boyfriend/partner and his struggle to love someone all the while having to deal with the perceived flaws of both his halves.

Honestly I think that Tos Spock had it easier, in a way.
He never fell in love, he never lost his mom and his home planet.. therefore he didn't have to face the challenges that this Spock is facing and that might make this Spock a more multi dimensional character and maybe reach the kind of peace that TOS Spock found when he was old just this time sooner and before all the people he cares about die.

Do I think that the writers will take full advantage of his potential as a character? Probably not especially if they insist in making every movie predominantly "about Kirk" and how people relate to him. But they still added a depth to Spock that he, IMO, didn't have in tos (not because Nimoy Spock couldn't but because at the time he wasn't given the chance)

As to the "homosexual".. modern fandom embraces preference ambiguity however the K/S subtext has never been so overt as to be in the face of a broader audience not looking for it. There is nothing to tone down, if that was the intention. But K/S has been there since the beginning, way back in the 60's. JJ is certainly aware of this and his films have played into it in a very satisfying way. Uhura being there has no effect on the often charged and affectionate relationship of Kirk and Spock.
yeah, I don't think that the writers care about people "slashing" K/S and even less they want to tone it down and put Spock with Uhura for that reason. It's stupid.
I've read some reviews about star trek into darkness that even accused the writers of doing some "queer baiting" there.

anyway, I'm glad they aren't scared of subtext because I think that if you want to develop a friendship like theirs and make people think that these two are like brothers you have to make the characters close you can't stop and think about how the slash subculture will interpret the scenes. If you do that you won't be able to develop ANY close friendship.

If anything, slash will always exist regardless what happens on screen.

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Summarized like that it doesn't make sense but I get what she meant. In short he didn't tell her about pon farr, that is a source of shame for him, because he was scared to lose her.
I agree on that point - I think the Vulcans in general and Spock in particular are probably both ashamed and afraid of pon farr*, he could well fear disgusting and/or hurting Uhura. Sure Sarek and Amanda managed, but this is Spock's first time.

* based mostly on TOS, but I think it's fair to assume anyone reading the comics is a Trekker
if anything the last comics showed how out of control the vulcans get when they're under the influence of the blood fever. There is a part where Spock is still "himself" and he pleads Uhura to not get too close because he knows he might hurt her in the state he's at the moment.

One of my pet-peeves in this fandom is when people say that vulcans have no feelings.
They do have feelings and they're actually deeper and stronger than humans and this is precisely the reason why they desperately seek control and need it to have a "normal" life. We humans don't need that because our feelings are easier to control perhaps, at least compared to theirs.
The question is: if Spock has both human AND vulcan feelings is his control vulcan or human?

Zoe Saldana made a point about it in one of her last interviews where she said that Uhura is starting to understand his vulcan side more and the depth of his feelings and that he's very scared to lose control because he feels that if he does that people (and therefore her) will suffer.

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Also I have to note that in no form it's ever implied that he wants to mate with T'pring.
There's not much implied about Spock's frame of mind at all and what there is mostly says he's not over his PTSD, which I liked - just mentioning he had it in the movie is not dealing with it.

I don't think it's a coincidence that he became like the "vanished" vulcans: a group of vulcans that lost their mind and regressed to feral pre-Surak state due to the great grief they felt when their home world was destroyed.
Spock: I apologize, Captain, but the complexities of human pranks escape me.
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