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Re: Family Friendly Countries.

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That's the point I was trying to make.
I concede your point. Again, the entirety of my international experience is from talking to people on the TrekBBS. It's just something that I have noticed from people outside the US that they treat us as if every state is exactly the same, though I suppose it's very possible that we do the exact same thing to other countries.

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I don't think they have to have a Bachelor's in Education. Often, the bachelor's degree in the specific field would be sufficient (for example, a history teacher doesn't have to be a history education major, they can just have a BA in history).
Well, this could very well be another thing that varies from state to state. In my state, I'm pretty sure you have to have a BA in Education to be allowed to teach. When I was going to college, everyone seeking an education degree had to double major in something else if they wanted to teach a specific subject. Otherwise anybody with any random bachelors degree could apply for a teaching job, and that's just not how it works.
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