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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I was just telling some fellow collectors that the new Black Series packaging is considerably smaller and more narrow than the cardbacks used for the most recent lines of figures. The blister bubbles are bigger and take up a larger proportion of space on the package, but the cards themselves have really shrunk. They're a smidge taller than the Vintage Collection cards, but much more narrow.

These new Black Series and Saga Legends cardbacks might be the smallest ones of the entire modern era of SW figures, and that dates back to 1995. Can't be too much of a cost-saving measure, really, because they added as much plastic as they removed card stock.


Speaking of packaging, this just surfaced over on eBay. An unreleased prototype Episode I Tusken Raider figure from the year 2000. This was when they had changed the design of the electronic CommTech voice chips and had planned figures beyond what turned out to be the final wave in the Episode I figure line (the Sio Bibble assortment).

The Tusken and others that had been planned for Episode I packaging were released on the green Power of the Jedi cardbacks that unified both Phantom Menace and Original Trilogy characters under one line and logo starting in the fall of 2000. There aren't too many of these unreleased packages floating around.

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