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Re: Taylor Swift, Why The Hate?

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My grandfather was an Appalachian hillbilly. He was beaten by his father for having the temerity to learn to read. He nearly lost his foot in an accident with an ax. He shot at people during prohibiton days under circumstances I'd rather not discuss. Later, on the farm, he drove a John Deere tractor because that's what he considered a success. He was the real deal when it came to being "country."

And he fucking LOVED Charley Pride.

Half of my family lived in the mountains of West Virginia during the depression. My family history is full of moonshiners, gun runners, and hillbilly shotgun weddings. My great-great grandmother used to slaughter hogs and sell the meat in her store. She had no refrigeration, there was no electricity.

One of my great uncles shot a revenuer and tossed his body off a Kentucky hillside while he was still in his car, and if he would have seen Charley Pride, he'd have shot him too, and hanged him just to be sure he was dead.

Now that we've got our totally useless and pointless family bonafides out of the way, like I said, it depends upon who is listening. It doesn't matter if you love Charley Pride so much you want to have his babies, the fact of the matter is that your opinion doesn't mean squat when it comes to saying who is or isn't "real."

It's so silly. "This isn't 'real' Star Trek. That isn't a 'real' country singer." Just say what you really mean: "This is new and different, and it's not what I liked growing up, which makes me insecure. Therefore it's fake."

Now get off'n my property 'fore I call on the dogs to daddamn drag ya off.

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