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Re: Rugby Union 2013 Thread

Yeah, that game was real heart attack material so I can only assume mine is in reasonable shape since I'm still here. Not every kickfest is boring, although the ref got just a bit carried away IMO.

Lord, we made that difficult for ourselves. So many handling errors and stupid passes and the like; every time we worked ourselves into a decent position someone would drop the damned ball or pass it to an invisible person. Still, we played what little rugby was on show in the game and deserved the win.

I, too, was quite convinced Halfpenny would drill that kick. Thank God even he can miss occasionally, even with Neil Jenkins in his pocket every time he lines up a shot. Warburton was extraordinary and the tide definitely turned when he went off.

And O'Connor, despite that pass, isn't the answer at 10. There has to be a better option, and his name isn't Cooper.

The other day I said this:
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I'd ask what next but I don't want to know.
Well, now we know what's next - the Horwill thing. How completely and utterly pathetic. The British and Irish media whine and the IRB jumps to do their bidding. Yet more crap from the northern hemisphere and yet more proof they do the sport far more harm than good. I agree that Horwill won't be playing on Saturday - they'd hardly go to all this trouble just to re-confirm the original finding - and that's a disgrace IMO.
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