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Re: Security or Marines?

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No, the guards were right. Remember what I said: they have absolute authority over whatever or whoever it is they are guarding. If anyone barges in and demands access without proper orders/ID, the guards can bar them, even if it's the highest of flag officers.
I'm not questioning their authority over the prison area. I'm questioning why they gave Kirk and Sulu so much attitude. Neither man barged into the detention block without ID, nor did they threaten the guards in any manner until it was time to break McCoy out his cell. Authority is not an excuse to act like a spoiled brat.

The only thing that I can say is that these guys didn't really know that much about Kirk, McCoy, and Sulu, so they treated them like crap, as they would with anybody who's about to be put in jail or in the process of being let out.
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