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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

scotpens wrote: View Post
... a "post-scarcity" economy ...
According to whom?

YMMV, of course.

TheGoodNews wrote: View Post
See my above comments. There was the Spanish Revolution and the Kibbutz movement.
Kibbutz's are not moneyless societies, the majority of people working in them are being paid for their efforts, and the outside workers brought into the Kibbutz communities are also paid. There are a small number of communities that claim to be moneyless, but there is a financial system and they are being supported by government subsidies, so are not moneyless.

It hard to see a Kibbutz as an example of your point.

Also, in the U.S. there was the San Francisco Diggers ...
They existed in a limited area of one city for what TheGoodNews, three years before collapsing? Basically (if I have your reference correct) the digger group was given food (charity), and they occasion stole food from the local markets (stealing), they then gave this food away. They also attempted to run a substandard medical clinic (for free) before being shut down by the San Francisco board of health.

This was in no way a moneyless society, it was basically like today's food banks without the thieving, people (with money) provide food to a charitable organization, the food is then either sold at low cost or given away to those in need. My church helps run one of these.

Again, not an example of a "moneyless" society.

In the U.S. the IWW (the Wobblies) slogan was "against the wage system."
The International Workers of the World are a trade union organizing service group, and their efforts are to increase wages and benefits, not create a moneyless society.

And they are not particularly successful at it, they have maybe a few thousand members. Most workers who are serious about possessing a union look elsewhere for organization services.

I've also mentioned contemporary examples such as Time Banks ...
Just did a board search of your user name and the phrase "time banks." Correct me if I'm wrong, but in fact you've never mentioned time banks before. Maybe I missed it?

The prime problem with "time banks" is there a lot of volunteering of unskilled labor, and relatively little volunteering by the professionally skilled. Nothing wrong with volunteering your time, but you can't base a society on it.

...the Barter/Exchange Co-ops of present-day Argentina.
Where all workers receive the same wages. Again, not an example of a moneyless society.

So you see T'G, I've brought up other historical examples besides the Spanish Revolution.

I kind of like the idea of a Pride Parade thru the bridge

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