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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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-captain jean-luc f***ing picard said himself starfleet was NOT military, pretty sure he knows what he is talking about, the idea he was sharing his opinion is pure rubbish. Go join the army and start walking around telling everyone "THE ARMY IS NOT A MILITARY!!"
Picard also said humans no longer believe in religions, which I pointed out above was later contradicted, mostly in DS9 and Voyager. Actually, TNG itself also did.

-people keep their same positions for 30 years (TOS crew).. in a military this does not happen - though it does happen in the civilian science world, go figure

-oddly enough officers in starfleet outnumber enlisted a seemingly 100-1, in a military this does not happen
Both of which are a reflection of ignorant writers, not proof Starfleet isn't military.

-whole ship is designed for science and diplomacy - look how many windows is on and how cushy the enterprise-d is... strange for a "military" ship to look like a carnival cruise ship in space packed full of 5 star rooms and science labs and families and dolphins with only one forward torpedo launcher and a couple phaser strips... thats like the uss arizona having a lone 5 incher squeezed between a superstructure of luxury oceanside balcony suites
Which is also capable of separation for combat purposes.

-archer had to call in help (or admiral called it in for him, i forget) the military.... kinda paradoxical for the military to be freaked out by an enemy they cant fight so they call in "the military"
Some Navy people sometimes refer to the Army as "the military" despite the fact they themselves are in a branch of the military. Admittedly, Enterprise was a bit sloppy with the MACOs, due to writer's ignorance. If one wants to rationalize things, the MACOs could possibly be special forces of United Earth's Army or something and given their more specialized training were assigned to Enterprise for the Xindi mission.

- adm marcus starts building a military for what many claim is the "military"... again rather paradoxical
Again, writer's ignorance. Although it's worth noting that in Trek XI rather than outright state that Starfleet isn't military they decided to dance around the issue by calling Starfleet a humanitarian peacekeeping force.

-military dont recruit handicap people for obvious reasons (one whack by a klingon batleth and there goes your VISOR flying, youre kinda worthless now fighting, the primary mission of a military is to fight probably going to want people who dont have physical handicaps that prevent them from doing so).... geordi and bashir's girlfriend shouldnt be in starfleet
Well, in the case of Geordi, I always assumed VISORs were supposed to be as common as glasses, and people with glasses do serve in the military. And besides, there is a eye implant alternative. Melora, I got nothing.
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