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Re: what do people want star trek 3 to be like

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How about ninety percent drama and intrigue in the 3rd film and only ten percent action? That way we can have a fourth film which can have kick-ass action like STID.

Everyone is expecting an action film even more intense so if the 3rd film was more laid-back and had more drama, in essence be slower, everyone would love it: critics, trekkies and the general audience because it is something completely different to the last two JJ Trek films. Heck everyone will declare JJ Abrams a film god for delivering the best sci-fi drama film in years...

Heck, it would be the most intelligent Trek movie in years and the new characters would become stronger and everyone would love them more. Throw in some intrigue plot and make it an adventure one some far-off planet, and then they find something which is like a conspiracy or something against the Federation. So what starts off all pleasant and nice becomes -- at the end -- edge-of-your-seat stuff at the ending with the climax as this conspiracy is exposed. Then end on a note guaranteed to yield another film to wrap up everything in the 3rd one and that would work.

My wishlist:

Develop Spock/Uhura.

McCoy seriously needs some more decent screen time.

I wanna see Kirk tap Carol Marcus, 'cos Trek must be hip and cool and so it must have a gratuitous sex scene.

A planet to explore. With a big budget and can we finally have the mother of all away missions with awesome creatures, a cool alien race and some awesome landscapes?

That's about it really.
I like your ideas. I'd be happy to see this for the next film. Not all Trek movies need to be revenge action movies
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