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Re: Family Friendly Countries.

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
As an American, I think nothing of the legal drinking age being 21...until I see a map and realize that pretty much the rest of the world has it set at 18.

Another thing that was interesting to me:

To be a primary school teacher in the United States, you must have a bachelors degree.
To be a primary school teacher in a lot of other countries, you must have a bachelors degree PLUS specialized teacher training.

What does "specialized teacher training" mean, exactly? US teachers have to have bachelors degrees in Education. The whole point of their bachelors degree is to learn how to be teachers; what other kind of specialized training is required?
I don't think they have to have a Bachelor's in Education. Often, the bachelor's degree in the specific field would be sufficient (for example, a history teacher doesn't have to be a history education major, they can just have a BA in history).

Anyway, interesting map. I suspect it's not entirely accurate (for example, I think some states have paid leave for mothers even if it's not at the national level. Also, how does the UK have constitutional protections?).

Admiral Buzzkill wrote: View Post
And we apparently have no laws in place banning employment discrimination based on ethnicity. Right.
I think the category there was "constitutional" protection, which is accurate - provided you're talking about private employment. The Constitution (with a few exceptions) only prevents the government from doing certain things.
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