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Re: Tuvok is an Idiot

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I am watching Star Trek Voyager Season 4: Episode 2 after taking a brief siesta from Voyager

(They have just brought on board 7 of 9 and unplugged her from the collective)

Kes is going through some sort of transformation

In this epsiode, Tuvok is trying to help her control some new aspects of her mental abilities with more vulcan black magic. The result is to have a powerful, undisciplined telekinetic PLAY WITH FIRE

I dont care what anybody says, Spock would never do something this idiotic...

This is just one example of Tuvok using logic to do something stupid. He has a very... asian "cant see the forest for the trees" mentality...(anyone who has lived in an asian community long term knows what im talking about)
I'm not a big Voyager fan, but I remember that Tuvok was trying to help Kes control what was happening to her. That's not stupid, that's smart. And compassionate.

Oh, and here's something that might be helpful in the future: infer vs. imply
Its not that he was helping her train her mind. its that he is dumb enough to need fire to do it. There was a season 2 episode where she nearly boiled his blood from some "accident" .. did this guy forget that? I remember it..

Hell if it happened to me the last thing i would want is to be anywhere near fire with a telepath that could turn me into a crispy critter because she cut a fart... LOGIC DICTATES..

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