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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

DalekJim wrote: View Post
It's a cynical attempt to make Spock more normal, less weird and less possibly homosexual. Though this poll shows I'm in the minority as most in this section profess to "LOVE" their flirtatious banter .
A broad-brush swipe - not great, but by itself not really enough.

DalekJim wrote: View Post
I wasn't giving my opinion on Spock, I was giving my perceived explanation for why Spock is (*sigh*) "shipped" with Uhura. It's to make him more marketable.
Still not enough, whatever a "perceived explanation" might be.

DalekJim wrote: View Post
I think you have quite plainly failed to understand my post, which is only fair as your careless posting style meant I found it difficult to understand yours.

Anybody of half-moderate intelligence could see I was referring to a Hollywood executive's POV and not my own. I feel like I'm insulting the intelligence of the person reading this post by even explaining.
There we go. You may be sincere when you say that you feel like you're insulting the intelligence of the person reading this post, or you may not. However, it's pretty clear that your two preceding sentences (particularly the second) were intended to bait or insult, and that will be sufficient to earn you a warning. Comments to PM, please.
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