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Re: Watching TOS Again From The Beginning

Thanks for the response Kris!

I should clarify - I am very much aware of the Abrams hate; what I was not aware of(since I so rarely came to the TOS forum)was that there was a trend for people using their "viewing" threads of the original series as a platform to further bash Abrams.

It seems I kind of stumbled into a wasp's nest - anyway!

As for STID, I thought visually it was INCREDIBLE and, if nothing else, it bodes well for SW VII in 2015. I LOVED the Scotty subplot(reminded me of the "lesser four" doing their own thing in STIII)and nobody can deny the sense of fun and energy these new films have. Personally I feel elated whenever the crew are RUNNING through the corridors, rather than leisurely strolling, during an emergency.

It will be EXTREMELY interesting to see where it all goes with the next film.
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