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I saw STID again for the second time and I think I enjoyed it more the second time around. I would still give it a B-, but I didn't walk out of the theater angry like I did the first time. Heck, I even stayed for the credits and realized that this score was better than the Star Trek 2009 score. At least it didn't feel repetitive like that one did. I did have a few other thoughts:

1) What exactly was the point of the Noel Clarke scene? I understand it was to save his daughter, yet he then blows himself and the Data Archive up like 5 minutes later. Was it to show that the regeneration blood worked, which we saw with the Tribble later in the film? I was a little confused on why he was in the movie.

2) I really liked Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, but I still think the movie would have been better had they actually made Khan a good guy. The Negociations with Marcus and and the Space fly scene were probably my favorite scenes in the movie because they showed how powerful the Vengeance was, and it was a good direction the movie should have gone into. Again, my main problem with this movie is we get this original universe after the distruction as Vulcan and the very next movie the Abrams gang goes back to the WOK well, which brings me to number 3.

3) I still didn't like the KAHHHHHNNNN scream and the death did feel empty, but I did like the scene between Spock and Kirk before Kirk "died". I just wish we had gotten to know these characters a whole lot more to make that scene feel really special. TWOK had like 20 years of backstory, this movie only had 2 movies or about 4-5 years.

4) If they were going to do homages to back films, one of the things that I thought today was the very end scene when they get the New Enterprise. One of the reasons I love TUC was because of the ending scene where they beam down to Khitomer to the end where Kirk says Second Star to the Right, and straight on till morning. I would have loved it if that line was here in this movie, after Spock asks where they want to go. I would have choked up a bit and it would bring everything full circle. The last time we saw the main crew, they were going back home to be decommissioned. How about we see this same crew (But different actors) going to figurative neverland, because that's what this 5 year journey is isn't it? If they're paying homages to movies, I think something like this would have really paid a great homage to Star Trek 6 and it would have raised my grade from a B- to maybe B+. I wanted this movie to have Heart and other than the Pike/Kirk scenes, it really didn't.

This movie did do, again, what it did before. It makes me wish we had a TV show set in this universe. I actually like these group of characters, from Zaldana's Uhura to Pegg's charming Scotty and now we got Alice Eve who was great as Carol Marcus. I don't want to wait every 4-5 years for a new movie.

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