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Re: Star Trek: Lambda Paz-- "Victories and Defeats"

Part Three: Give Me Today, and I Will Be Happy

Sara Carson and Rebecca Sullivan stared at each other contentedly while locked in a post coital embrace. Sara lay down on her back, her chest resonating with slow and labored breaths and beads of sweat glistening across her shoulders. She clasped Rebecca’s left hand with her right, the forearm strategically draped over her right breast, and her left forearm held around the back of Rebecca’s shoulder blade. Sara batted her eyelashes at Rebecca’s, feeling the passage of time slow to a crawl.

“Two and a half years,” Rebecca breathed, leading Sara to wonder if she was midway between lucid and dreaming states.

“What?” Sara asked, taking a closer look into her lover’s dark eyes.

Rebecca blinked her eyes opened and grinned with slight embarrassment. “Two and a half years having big responsibilities--being an engineer and pilot in the Maquis now seems like nothing compared to being on the run from the Dominion, and then fighting in a war.”

“It really puts things in perspective,” Sara agreed while stroking a lock of Rebecca’s long, dark hair.

Rebecca sighed happily. “But do you get the sudden sense of no longer having the weight of the world on your shoulders after two years?”

“I do get that sensation,” Sara answered with a gleeful blush as she shook her head back and forth cheerfully. “Of course, those of us remaining in Starfleet will be getting new assignments soon.”

Rebecca scoffed, and Sara sighed repentantly after having realized she raised a rather delicate issue. Sara had earned her way to the rank of second lieutenant, while Rebecca had only been granted a Starfleet commission out of necessity during the Dominion War as one of the few surviving members of the Maquis. Rebecca was uncertain whether she would be allowed to remain in Starfleet.

Sara thought Rebecca would storm off in a huff when her lover arched her body upward. She momentarily cursed herself for her indelicacy. She was relieved soon afterwards to see Rebecca was just sitting up on the bed cross-legged with her hands clasping her knees while looking straight into her dark-brown eyes. “I’m not so sure myself if I want to remain in Starfleet,” she clarified. “Why don’t we just forget about that for a while? Don’t you just want to get away to some tropical paradise?”

Sara flashed a bright smile and sat up. She crossed one leg over the other, which was dangling off the side of the bed. “That sounds good,” she said while softly gripping her foot perched on her thigh. “We could stay in a hotel suite with the most amazing view.”

Rebecca arched her body further upright and leaned closer to Sara. “Lie around in the sunlight all day.”

“Get lost in the wilderness.”

“Have loud sex in every room of our suite.”

Rebecca leaned her body closer to Sara’s “We already do that.”

“But this’ll be where no one knows us. How’s Betazed sound? The real Janaran Falls. The medical quarantine has been lifted.”

Rebecca had been suggesting they go there for months, though it wasn’t feasible with the war on and the Dominion having occupied Betazed for almost a year. Sara was certainly willing to oblige after they had shared their first kiss in a holosuite recreation of the lovely tourist attraction.

“It’s a date,” she said.

She planted a kiss on Rebecca’s lips and leaned back on the wall at the head of their bed. Their lips were both puckered against the other’s as the two women clasped each other’s hands. Sara then let her hands free and ran them up Rebecca’s arms and up her shoulders. She thrust herself forward while Rebecca leaned back until Sara was on top of her, letting her kisses move along her cheek and down her neck as they basked in the warmth of the other’s bodies.


On the promenade of Starbase G-6, Rebecca ran into her oldest and dearest friend Limis Vircona, who was traveling to Bajor to visit her son. As the two friends approached the airlock housing the transport ship ferrying passengers to Betazed, Rebecca felt an air of uncertainty. Still undecided over whether she would remain in Starfleet, Rebecca couldn’t help pondering if this would be the last time for a while that she would see Vircona in person. If not, they would surely find a way to keep in touch via subspace messaging. It would be the least they could do to maintain a friendship that had defined both their lives. They filled the awkward silences with exchanges of mundane small talk, including Limis jokingly asking Rebecca if she brought enough sunscreen.

“I always bring enough sunscreen,” Rebecca retorted with an amused grin. “But I hear it’s more arid where you’re going.”

“I can handle it. We could all use plenty of natural sunlight.”

Upon their arrival at the airlock, Rebecca saw that Sara was already waiting for her. She flashed a wide smile at her lover, and then looked back at Vircona with a somewhat plaintive sigh. “Have fun, Vira,” she said with a supportive grin.

“You too, Becca,” Limis replied. “You’ll have plenty of opportunity not to think about what lies ahead on those warm beaches. I’ll tell Yanith you said hello.”

“Great.” After a long and silent stare, the two women held each other in a long embrace. Rebecca then grinned awkwardly and headed straight for the airlock.

She took quick strides towards Sara, greeting her with a pecking kiss on the lips. They both took gentle paces towards the airlock while holding hands. Through her passionate jubilation of traveling to one of the most beautiful worlds in the Federation, Rebecca still felt pangs of trepidation for an uncertain future. Or perhaps Rebecca felt envious of Vircona, who at least had a home to go back to, while her home colony had been eradicated and the whole of planet Volan Three rendered uninhabitable, courtesy of the Dominion’s near complete extermination of the Maquis. But as Vira so concisely put it, I’ll have plenty of opportunity not to think about an uncertain future on those warm beaches.
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