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Re: what do people want star trek 3 to be like

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I don't really care what the next movie will be. I said after leaving the theatre when I saw STD that I'm done with Star Trek. But I may be willing to give them one more chance as long as the next movie doesn't feature any of the following:

-A bad guy with a stupid revenge plan

-Earth in immediate danger

-An enormous, evil looking ship, captained by the bad guy. That dwarfs the Enterprise and has many times the fire power.

-A fist fight with the bad guy and the hero, usually with a ticking clock and a super weapon about to go off.

The last three Star Trek movies have had all of the above. And the last six have had two or more of those points. I don't know why these film makers think that Star Trek movies all have to be the same.
I agree 100% with your comments and have said the same to other people.
Thru nearly all of TOS Earth was never in direct danger until the TOS movies started.
If JJ Abrams and company want to really do something different, do a TOS version of the book Vendetta and have the Doomsday Machine battle the Borg and have the Enterprise caught in the middle.
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