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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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spock was never weird, homosexual, or not normal.
Being "not normal" is a major character component of Spock. He will always be a child of two worlds. He was tormented growing up because he was not a "normal" Vulcan. He's not human either, though he finds it easier to be on a human dominant ship, no doubt because he can be seen as truly Vulcan by them, something denied him at home. Yes that can all be called "weird" if a person is so inclined.

Spock being "not normal" and an outsider struggling to fit in is THE most compelling personality trait of the character, this is what enamored so many TOS fans with Spock and Star Trek. What is now generations of people who feel like outsiders have looked at Spock and seen a story they can relate to.

For the less nerdy audience it's still a familiar tale, akin to Peter Parker getting knocked about in high school and struggling to talk to girls.

As to the "homosexual".. modern fandom embraces preference ambiguity however the K/S subtext has never been so overt as to be in the face of a broader audience not looking for it. There is nothing to tone down, if that was the intention. But K/S has been there since the beginning, way back in the 60's. JJ is certainly aware of this and his films have played into it in a very satisfying way. Uhura being there has no effect on the often charged and affectionate relationship of Kirk and Spock.

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