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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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The episode descriptions sound interesting. I definately plan to give the show a chance. I can ignore the sub par design if the story is good.
I don't think the design per se is a problem; sure, Batman's new look will take some getting used to, but the same went for his B:TAS design. I feel that Glen Murakami is one of the best visual/character designers working in animation today. My problem is more with the execution of those designs, the choice to realize them in 3D rather than 2D ink-and-paint style. I'm not convinced that's going to work very well.

I just hope it doesn't go completely obscure with the villains. I like stuff like that, but I'd also like to see the classic villains at times.
Well, that depends on what you consider obscure, I suppose. If you only know Batman villains from TV and movies, then most of the villains here will be completely new. But a lot of them are characters who have had a significant presence in the comics without ever having been portrayed onscreen before, like the Pyg and Toad characters who were pretty major in Grant Morrison's run in recent years.

Besides, sometimes obscure villains can be reinvented in ways that make them breakout stars -- the archetypal case being Mr. Freeze, a bottom-of-the-barrel minor villain that B:TAS gave a new lease on life to. Maybe you could make a case for the Clock King as well. That's the cool thing about adaptations -- they give you a chance to try new variations on old ideas, and sometimes you find great untapped potential in an obscure character.
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